Phonecom has developed a platform consisting of a VPN network to 80 stations connected to a telephone IP switch AVAYA OFFERING A « Preview Dialing » feature.

Scenarios and management databases are managed by applying an inhouse CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) TECHNIQUE called TAO for « Telemarketing assisted by computer »

This software allows the designer to create the action, via a user-friendly interface:

  • The conduct of scenario (generator text screens);
  • Displaying data / variables;
  • Data entry in real time (dynamic drop-down menus for closed questions or not limited to open-ended questions input areas)
  • Referrals (referral based on drop-down menus, screens treatments on files or data captured in real time)
  • Consistency tests during the course of the script

The fixed layer of software offers a battery of standard procedures for:

  • The code for all stages in the progress of a call;
  • Management of recalls or unanswered CALLS;
  • Analysis of instantaneous frequency of the paths in the script or data entered during calls;
  • Analysis of individual and collective activity;
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